Certified Forensic and Fraud Investigation Professional (CFFP)

Certified Forensic and Fraud Investigation Professional (CFFP)


White-Collar Crime: The Alarming Facts

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, no business is safe. Globally white-collar crime increasing significantly no matter which country you are from. Fraud, contractual disputes, and allegations of corruption require expert examination of books and records, agreements, and documentation to determine what actually occurred. This course is designed based on the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) education guidelines.  


Course Content

The following modules are covered for the CFFP accreditation:

(Based on ACFE education guidelines)

Module 1:

  • Introduction of Forensic Accounting
  • Basics of Forensic Psychology
  • Criminology & Psychology

Module 2:

  • What is Fraud?
  • Fraud Triangle & Types of Fraud.
  • Why do people commit fraud.
  • Psychology of the Fraudster
  • The Accidental Fraudster

Module 3:

  • The Predator Fraudster
  • Internal Control concept
  • How to detect and prevent financial statement fraud.

Module 4:

  • Using Data and Technology for Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Benford Analysis
  • Money Laundering


Module 5:

  • Whistleblowing
  • Worldcom Fraud


Certification Process:

There will be 5 online live classes. End of every class a 10 marks online exam (MCQ) will be held. At the end of the course, 50 marks online exam (MCQ) will be conducted by AFMA Australia. Class tests and final assessments need to pass separately.


No of classes: 5 (Five)

No of class test: 5 test x 10 marks = 50 (pass mark 60%)

Final Exam: 50 Marks (pass mark 50%)

Duration: 1 Month

The certificate will be Awarded by the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA).


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