Certified Business Leadership Professional (CBLP)

Certified Business Leadership Professional (CBLP)


This course led you to leap right in straight away and make a significant impact on an organization. A Leadership and Management Curriculum that makes an impact:

  • Encourage and lead others generously yourself;
  • Is emotionally intelligent and deploys EQ tools to lead and inspire.
  • How you relate to individuals and circumstances.

Certificate Program for Leadership & Management will increase your Personal Leadership skills, accomplish your professional goals and deliver results for your establishment.

Various people are pursuing CBLP certification, including, but not limited to:

  • Managers, Executives
  • Team leaders
  • Sales, Marketing, and business development professionals.
  • Administrators, change officers, and many more.


Course Content

  1. Module 1:
    1. Management Concept & Theories
    2. Problem Solving and Decision Making (Six Sigma)
  2. Module 2:
    1. Psychometric Assessment – DISC
    2. Motivation and Empowerment
    3. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Module 3:
    1. Types of Leadership
    2. Coaching and Mentoring


Certification Process:

For each Module, there will be 2 online live classes. End of each module a 30 Marks online exam (MCQ) will be held.

No of classes: 3 Modules x 2 classes = 6 classes

No of exams: 3 Modules x 1 exam each = 3 exam

The pass mark is 60% (total 3 exams).

Duration: 1 Month

The certificate will be Awarded by the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA).


For details, please contact our Bangladesh partner’s office:

E-mail: shhaque.annie03@gmail.com

Phone: +88 01306 766 086

Facebook: facebook.com/nlpsabd