Certificate in Child Psychology and Behavioral Development (CPBD)

Certificate in Child Psychology and Behavioral Development (CPBD)


The certificate course on child psychology and behavioral development will give an overall understanding and importance of childhood care and development, major theories, and the strengths of each. At the end of this course, you will be helping parents or teachers to guide your children to combat the realities and emotional difficulties in life. The course is in-depth with self-assessment tasks at the end of each module, increasing your potential to learn and absorb course material.

The focus of Child Psychology is on the minds and behaviors of children and begins with prenatal development and all the way through to adolescence. It considers the growth of children on a physical level but also considers emotional, mental, and social development.

Childhood plays a significant part of life. Everything that occurs during that time must be explored fully because the influences and experiences gained through childhood will impact behavior and ongoing development.

Various people are pursuing CPBD certification, including, but not limited to:

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Schools and Organizations to develop their staff
  • Is anyone interested in Child Development


Course Content

  1. Module 1: Child Psychology & Development
    1. Physical Growth
    2. Cognitive Development
    3. Communicative Development
    4. Emotional & Social Behavior
  2. Module 2: How Children Learn
    1. Multiple Intelligence
    2. Guiding children’s learning
  3. Module 3: Child Behavior
    1. Behavior ABCs
    2. Consequences
    3. Reinforcement
    4. Punishment
  4. Module 4: Helping Your Child’s Development Through Play
    1. Playing at different ages
    2. School-age children
    3. Post-primary children and young people
  5. Module 5: Seven Simple Parenting Strategies
    1. Praise
    2. Ignore
    3. Quality Time
    4. Time out with quality time in
    5. Prevention of unwanted behavior
    6. Take time and do nothing
  6. Module 6: Managing Behavior of Autistic Child
    1. Structure, Routine & Predictability
    2. Understanding the reason behind the behavior.
    3. Dealing with an increased level of agitation and anxiety.


Certification Process:

There will be 6 online live classes. End of each module a 5 Marks online exam (MCQ) will be held.

No of classes: 6 (Six)

No of class test: 6 Modules x 1 exam each = 6 exam

The pass mark on the class test: 60%

Final Exam: 20 MCQ Questions

The pass mark is 60%

Duration: 1.5-2 Months

The certificate will be awarded from the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA).


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