Certified Zakat Professional (CZP)

Certified Zakat Professional (CZP)


This program aims to equip professionals from development organizations in the public, private as well as a not-for-profit sector with the knowledge and skills required for the efficient mobilization of zakat funds and their effective allocation as an “alternative” source of financing. It also seeks to build a cadre of zakat professionals, given a steady increase in the demand for personnel well-versed in Shariah rules and managerial competencies to serve the development sector.

This program is open to all Muslim/Non-Muslim participants who are interested to know/learn more about Zakat and Zakat management as per Shariah guidelines.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Zakat
  2. Shariah Underpinning
  3. Zakat Calculation
  4. Zakatable Assets
  5. Deductible Liabilities
  6. Zakat on Business
  7. Shariah Underlying Distribution
  8. Distribution Process
  9. Case Studies – How to calculate

Certification Process:

Online Live class.

No of classes: 4 x 2 hours each = 8 hours

No of exams: 1 MCQ Exam

The pass mark is 60%

Duration: 1 Month

The certificate will be Awarded by the Academy of Finance and Management Australia (AFMA).



Contact for Bangladesh Training

Cell# 01742 827 823
Email# afmabangladesh@gmail.com
Facebook Page# www.facebook.com/ciaaus